WATCH: Bodycam footage reveals police bitten, spat on, punched

A Seven News investigation has found extreme violence against police has spiked in Queensland, with some people spitting at, punching and biting police officers.

Video footage from police body-worn cameras at party precincts in the south east show how officers have become targets.

In one incident, a man casually strolls behind a female officer on patrol in Surfers Paradise, dumping liquid on her head in a demeaning, unprovoked attack.

Footage shows a man casually pouring liquid over a female police officer's head. Photo: 7 News

The man is then taken to the Southport watchhouse, where he is found to be carrying a flick-knife.

In separate footage an officer speaks to a seated man who lunges without warning, punching him in the neck.

In the chase that follows, the offender is pinned to the ground.

The police officer's view of life on patrol shows that the so-called "safe night" precincts of Brisbane and the Gold Coast are anything but.

"People forget that in that blue uniform is a mother, a father, a brother, a sister," Deputy Police Commissioner Peter Martin said.

Police say that more young people - particularly women - are resorting to spitting and biting.

Data obtained by Seven News shows assault occasioning grievous bodily harm against officers has increased sixfold in the past 10 years.

There has been a spike in assault occasioning grievous bodily harm. Photo: 7 News

"They're a member of our family, they're a member of our community, and they're here to make society better," Peter Martin said.