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Australia to shiver as temperatures drop, with SNOW expected in WA

Winter in Australia is meant to be drawing to a close – but for one unlikely state it's just starting, with a cold snap bringing a chance of snow to the usually warm region.

Perth is only now getting its first taste of winter, with one of the coldest air masses seen this season threatening to bring hail near the state's capital.

The cold front might even be enough to bring snow to the west.

Southeastern Australia won't be spared either. A cold air mass will reach South Australia before travelling over the southeastern states, bringing rain and dropping temperatures.

Tuesday could be one of the coldest days of the year for Southwest Western Australia. Source: AAP/Windy
Tuesday could be one of the coldest days of the year for Southwest Western Australia. Source: AAP/Windy

Chance of snow in WA, chill to "pack a punch"

Weatherzone meteorologist Felix Levesque told Yahoo News Australia the wind in Perth will make it feel a lot colder than the recorded temperature over the coming days.

Last week, Perth got its "first taste of winter", though the weather will be slightly milder this week.

As of 11.40am on Monday, Perth has already received 9.8mm of rain and showers are expected throughout the day.

Weatherzone is anticipating hail near Perth on Monday and Tuesday, thanks to one of the season's coldest air masses to cross southwestern Australia.

The cold front could mean hail for parts near Perth and snow in the Stirling Ranges. Source: Weatherzone
The cold front could mean hail for parts near Perth and snow in the Stirling Ranges. Source: Weatherzone

"Fortunately, this cold front is not as strong as the system that hit WA last week and caused the strongest wind gusts in years at some places," Weatherzone said.

"However, this week’s front will still pack a punch and cause a wintry mix of rain, hail, thunderstorms, blustery winds and possible snow."

The cold front could also bring snow to the Stirling Rangers. The Bureau of Meteorology said there could be a dusting in the area on Tuesday morning.

The chilly weather comes after WA recorded its coldest July since 2014, BOM confirmed.

Tuesday could be one of the coldest days of the year in southwestern parts of the state, with areas like Manjimup, Mount Barker and Katanning excepted to see lows of just 4 degrees and highs of 11.

Perth will see a high of just 15 on Tuesday.

Temperatures will start to get warmer on Wednesday and increase towards the weekend.

'Persistent and lingering' cool temperatures in the southeast

There will be a few warm days in the southeast of Australia in the coming days, but that won't last long, Mr Levesque said.

"That front that's crossing into Western Australia at the moment will continue pushing eastwards," he said.

"And that will bring a colder airmass to South Australia on Wednesday, and then the rest of southeastern Australia on Thursday and Friday."

People walk along Swanston Street in Melbourne, Monday, June 6, 2022.
Southeast Australia will see cold weather by the end of the week. Source: AAP Image

The pool of cold air will produce temperatures that aren't too cold, but it will be a "persistent and lingering period of temperatures in the cooler range" Mr Levesque added.

Both Adelaide and Melbourne can expect temperatures one or two degrees below average for one or two days.

There are several flood warnings still in place for Victoria and NSW and the rain expected this week may intensify coming into the weekend.

Maximum temperatures for capital cities

  • Parts of Sydney will see single digits overnight with highs of 16 on Tuesday and 20 by Sunday.

  • Melbourne will see a high of just 14 on Tuesday, with temperatures on Sunday lingering at a chilly 15 degrees.

  • The highs in Adelaide vary between 15 and 16 for the end of the week and into the weekend.

  • Top temperatures in Hobart will average around 15 degrees for the rest of the week.

  • Brisbane and Darwin will be warmer, with the Queensland capital reaching 23 on the weekend and the top end seeing a balmy 34 on Sunday.

  • Despite Perth's chilly start to the week, by Sunday a maximum of 21 is expected.

La Nina could return

Last week, the Bureau confirmed a negative Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) event was underway, which means much of Australia could cop above average rainfall in winter and spring.

Cars navigate through minor flood waters as rain continues to fall across much of New South Wales causing localised flash flooding in Sydney in 2021
Another La Nina event could be on the cards for later in the year. Source: AAP Image

However, another La Niña may form later in 2022 – which would be the third in a row – with BOM outlook suggesting there is a 50 per cent chance of it making a comeback.

"If I was a betting man, I would probably bet on [another] La Niña," Mr Levesque said.

"Maybe, hopefully, we could have a weaker one, but the climate's a little bit crazy at the moment."

La Niña could increase the chance of above-average rainfall in winter and spring in much of Australia north and east.

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