Tony Armstrong's impromptu move after ABC weatherman goes missing

He’s been a footy player, AFL commentator and TV presenter.

Now, he’s stood in as the weatherman.

Tony Armstrong surprised fans when he came to the rescue of ABC News 24 host Joe O’Brien on Monday morning.

The presenter was left floundering when Nate Byrne failed to appear to deliver the weather report right after Armstrong’s sport update.

Tony Armstrong in front of a weather image for Vancouver.
Tony Armstrong made the best of a tough situation when the ABC weatherman failed to show up, while the technical team has its own last laugh. Source: ABC

“I think we’ll get to Nate eventually…” a confused O'Brien trailed off to the sound of dead air before Armstrong jumped into action.

“Ha! Do you want me to step in?” he called off screen.

“Maybe we need a bit more Tony,” Joe agreed, laughing across the desk.

“Oh, here we go.”

Springing into the role, Armstrong then appeared in front of the weather map of Australia.

He went onto deliver the weather for Melbourne, reminding viewers it would be a good day to get their washing done, before he ran into a stumbling block.

“Apologise to all the people who want an outlook for everywhere else..” he said, running out of a script.

“Hang on, hang on, I’ve actually got the autocue here now."

As Armstrong continued to bumble his way through the remainder of the forecast, ABC techs had their own laugh, revealing a series of random weather images from around the world including a text for Canada.

“Oh gee whiz, I don’t know what’s going on behind me, Joe, I’m doing my best,” Armstrong said, throwing his hands up.”

“Vancouver!! We’re all over the place!”

“Tony Armstrong can do anything, he is amazing,” a laughing Joe replied while Tony pretended to tap dance on screen.

“He’s at Norfolk Island, he’s at Noumea, he’s in Vancouver, he’s got it all going on!”

While Armstrong is seen dancing off screen, O'Brien apologies to viewers for the fill-in.

Social media erupts over impromptu stunt

But social media has erupted with applause for the fill-in weather man.

Tony Armstrong dancing on screen while Joe O'Brien watches on from the news desk
Tony Armstrong's been hailed for his "comedy gold" after stepping in to deliver the weather update on ABC's morning program. Source: ABC

“Oh my, Tony doing weather made my day!” one said on Twitter.

“Good to get a laugh on a Monday morning,” one man added.

“Tony, that was valiant, I am both informed and amused,” someone else praised with the hashtag #WhereIsNate and #Busted.

"Comedy gold," another claimed.

While someone else questioned: “Is there anything Tony can’t do? The funnest weather segment I’ve watched in a while!”

Others were concerned for Nate Byrne’s job.

“Nate looks like you have some competition on your hands with Tony Armstrong's improv weather report.”

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