Year 12 student's exam hoax causes panic, angers students

A Year 12 exam hoax has caused anger and panic among students because they thought they’d have to re-sit their biology test.

Police could also be set to launch an investigation into the prank email.

Two days after sitting the Year 12 biology exam an email surfaced with a South Australian Certificate of Education masthead and the acting chief executive’s signature claiming there had been a breach and students would have to re-sit the test.

"It was very professionally done there was no way it could be fake,” student Julie Ducaj said.

This email had students believing they had to re-sit an exam. Source: 7 News

“I was shocked. I was devastated - all that hard work into biology exam and I have to do it again.

“There's a time and a place and year 12 exams is not the time or place." 

It sent students' stress levels through the roof but it was a prank posted by a year 12 student from Blackfriars who joked about it on social media.

Students were not happy with the prank. Source: 7 News

On Thursday, he apologised on Facebook saying he meant no harm but many angry students and staff weren’t forgiving.

“Like apologising is going to take back all the tears I wept,” one student posted.

Blackfriars principal Simon Cobiac said it was “very much out of character” for the student but he was “very disappointed”.

The school with working with SACE and the boy’s parents to determine what action should be taken. It’s unclear if his conduct will form part of a police investigation.

The teen posts about the prank on Facebook. Source: 7 News

“It’s already an anxious time for young people,” SACE chief executive Jan Raymond said.

“We’re taking it very seriously and we will be investigating.”