Birth mother keeps newborn with birth defects after adoptive family reject her

Caity Stone

Newborn Abigail should be living with her adoptive family however the infant is living in Florida with her birth mother, Christina Fisher after she was rejected by her prospective parents.

Originally the newborn was to live in Georgia however upon first meeting the baby at the hospital the adoptive mother ran out of the room in tears, rejecting the infant.

The reason for the shock decision that lead to the change of heart was Abigail suffers from severe birth defects.

Upon initially discovering the pregnancy, Fisher knew she was not in a position to raise a child alone and made the difficult decision to put her daughter up for adoption.

According to online reports the mother-to-be stated she had already raised one daughter and thought she was “done” with having more children.

She was living in an RV at the time according to the Northwest Florida Daily News and the father of the child was no longer in her life.

At the time she found out she was pregnant she described her living situation as “basically homeless”.

However the birth mother said that she didn’t believe in abortion and decided to find a suitable adoptive family for her unborn child.

Fisher believed she found at the time what she thought to be the ideal family for her baby to be adopted by.

A seemingly loving family residing in Georgia she thought would be ideal parents for her baby according to ABC.

The two women communicated often throughout the pregnancy and prenatal testing results were normal.

"Nothing was detected," Fisher told the Northwest Florida Daily News.

"They just told me her ears looked a little small."

In January this year Fisher gave birth to what she describes as a “perfect little girl” according to ABC.

Later doctors diagnosed the baby with Treacher Collins, a very rare genetic condition.

The condition affects the bones and the tissue of the face causing underdevelopment of certain facial structures including the jaw and cheekbone.

"I let her (adoptive mom) take the other wristband into the NICU," Fischer told ABC.

"She came out crying, and left the hospital. We never heard from them again."

Fischer claims the adoption agency was "appalled" with the behaviour and "flagged" the family in the agency's system.

The baby may need reconstructive surgery later on in life according to the ABC, but her condition will not prevent her from having a normal and typical life.

Fischer has launched a Go Fund Me Page to assist with the costs of raising the child.

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