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Bikini-clad influencer slammed for illegal act at tourist spot

A content creator has risked life and limb for a sexy photo shoot.

An influencer has been slammed after sharing photos of herself swimming in a dangerous cave at a popular holiday spot where a number of tourists have tragically died.

Marina Rivera Saldaña, known better as Marina Rivers online, is a Spanish social media star with 1.9 million followers on Instagram, and regularly posts photos of herself wearing racy outfits in exotic locations.

The influencer recently uploaded snaps of herself taking a dip in the El Tancón cave in Santiago del Teide, which is on the Spanish island of Tenerife. It's prohibited to swim in the area, due to several incidents that have taken place over the years, including multiple deaths.

Influencer posing in bikini at ocean cave
The influencer's reckless act could have ended in disaster. Source: Instagram

In 2017, a 30-year-old British tourist was killed after getting swept into the sea when taking a walk near El Tancón. In 2021, Tenerife Weekly put the number of deaths at six in total over just four years, including Swiss native Jasmine Ben Ali, 33, and Giovanni Rodríguez, 27, from Italy, who drowned.

The cave is known as a "bufadero", which is a chimney-like natural structure. An opening in the roof produces a blowhole effect, with air and water being forced up and down unpredictably. The dangerous currents make it difficult for rescue teams to intervene when people are sucked underwater.

Mayor slams influencer's act

The local mayor, Emilio Navarro, told the local paper it is "strictly prohibited" to swim in El Tancón and that the government is forced to replace signs "every month because they are broken or thrown into the sea".

Influencer posing in bikini at ocean cave
The influencer ignored warning signs to swim in the deadly cave. Source: Instagram

Ms Saldaña shared her post on August 31, though it is unclear if the swim took place on the same day. Regardless of when the video was shot, angered locals and social media users have come out in droves to blast her for the photos at the "death trap" location.

'Extremely dangerous'

"Bathing is forbidden there. We are sick of tourists that don't respect our land," wrote one Instagram user. "Posting this is extremely dangerous and reckless," commented a second. "Can't you read a death hazard sign?" asked a third.

A Twitter user shared a photo of a warning sign at the site, saying they were "fed up", while another declared that "Influencers will end up going extinct."


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