Influencer pretends to clean up Aussie beach in bizarre video

The young woman's 'good deed' appeared to be all for show, leaving TikTok viewers furious.

A “sad” and “infuriating” video of a social media influencer pretending to clean up rubbish on an Aussie beach before abandoning two plastic bags on the sand has left viewers furious after going viral.

Titled “how to care for the environment”, the clip — which has already racked up more than 1.4 million views on TikTok after being posted on Thursday — shows a young blonde woman placing items in black garbage bags on an unidentified beach as another woman crouches in front to film her.

However, it appears her ‘good deed’ is all for show.

The influencer filling the black plastic bags with sticks and pretending to struggle to carry them as a friend films on an Aussie beach. Source: TikTok
The young woman's 'good beach deed' appeared to be all for show, leaving TikTok viewers furious. Source: TikTok

“Part one, get your friend to film you filling up rubbish bags — with sticks!” the video’s narrator says. “Part two, now pull off an Oscar winning performance of you struggling in the wind.”

Influencer dumps plastic bags on beach

The influencer is then seen pretending to drag a ‘heavy’ bag along the sand with the other one slung over her shoulder in ‘windy conditions’ before breaking out into a gleeful dance.

“Part three, celebrate your good deed by doing a sh***y dance,” the narrator says. “Part four, leave rubbish bags behind once you’re done.”

As the women are seen walking away from the rubbish bags abandoned on a pile of sticks in the middle of the beach, a witness can be heard calling them out.

“Hey, you’ve left the bags there,” she says. “You were doing all this weird s**t with the bags like pretending to clean up the rubbish and I’ve been watching you…” the woman trails off. The two women appear to dismiss her before walking away.

Unsurprisingly, it was the last act that outraged viewers the most, while the TikTok account that posted the video — @thesocialjokr — called the behaviour “disappointing to say the least”.

“So she put degradable material into plastic bags that will never degrade,” one person pointed out. “The way [they left] the bags boiled my blood,” someone else said, while another claimed the pair had “absolutely no shame”. Others commented that they were glad the bystander spoke up.

The two women leaving the beach as the woman confronts them and the black plastic bags abandoned on the sand.
A beachgoer confronted the women after they left the plastic bags on the sand. Source: TikTok

TikToker slams death threats

In a follow-up TikTok video, the Aussie man who posted the viral “fake influencer” clip revealed his friend had actually captured the footage and shared it on their private Instagram story.

“I took the liberty of sharing it with a more wider audience not expecting the response that it's gotten,” he said. “Fair enough though, at the end of the day what these people did in the video is very wrong and everyone has every right to be angry and outraged about it. I think it’s outrageous and completely unacceptable.”

The man who posted the original video of the influencer pretending to clean the beach. Source: TikTok
The man who posted the original video of the influencer shared his concern about death threats left in the clip's comment section. Source: TikTok/@thesocialjokr

Despite their “unjust” behaviour, the man said some of the comments — including “death threats” — left on his original post “were just as unhinged”.

“Me personally... I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and pray that they are just uneducated and unaware of the repercussions of their actions,” he continued. “And I’m just going to go with the idea that they have just been influenced by the wrong type of influencer.”

He then urged TikTok users to “inform” the women about what they did wrong if they come across the influencer’s clip, and “hopefully they will learn something from it”.

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