WATCH: Bikers claim to have spotted 'pygmy man' from lost tribe in Indonesian jungle

It’s believed a half-naked man filmed running down a dirt track in Indonesia could be a member of a lost, ancient Indonesian tribe.

The mysterious man startled a group of bikers who were riding near Banda Aceh, on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra, when he randomly appeared in front of them.

Helmet-cam footage shows one man falling off his motorbike in shock when the man appeared.

The man pauses to look at the biker who’s fallen off, and then makes a quick escape into the bushland.

The rider is seen falling off his motorbike as the bald man appears. Photo: Youtube/Fredography
The man is seen running into bushland. Photo: Youtube/Fredography

The rest of the group stop where the mystery man fled into the bushes to see if they can find him, but instead find the large stick he was seen carrying.

YouTube user Fredography uploaded the video of the encounter about five days ago and it has been viewed almost 2.5 million since then.

One of the bikers found the stick the bald man was carrying. Photo: Youtube/Fredography

Those commenting on the video have guessed the man, who is much shorter than the average Indonesian male, could be part of the mythical Mante tribe, a lost Indonesian pygmy tribe.

The ethnic group are the subject of an urban legend about the origins of the Aceh people, which has been passed down the generations on the island for centuries.

A pygmy is the name given to adult men who are less than 150 centimetres (4 feet 11 inches) tall.

Some viewers of the YouTube footage think the skittish man is a pygmy, due to his size. Photo: Youtube/Fredography

While there hasn’t been any scientific expedition to establish the presence of the tribe, there has been much discussion online and wide-ranging media coverage about the possibility of the tribe existing since the release of the video.

It's thought there are still seven tribes which live in the northern province of Aceh.

The majority of the population though, think the Mante people are simply a legend.

Many people have also poste comments on the video saying it is fake and that the man isn't part of a lost tribe at all.