Beyonce sets Instagram records tumbling, offers up more surprises for fans

Beyonce’s big reveal on Wednesday night has set records tumbling in the social media sphere.

Queen Bey’s Instagram post telling the world she’s pregnant with twins went viral instantly and is now the most liked photo in the platform’s history.

It has more than eight million likes and counting, knocking Selena Gomez off the Instagram throne.

Queen Bey and her five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy. Photo: Instagram/yoncetv
'I have three hearts'. Photo: 7 News

With fans in overdrive, Beyonce didn’t stop there, uploading a photo album to her website giving fans an intimate look at her journey to motherhood.
Zoe Foster-Blake's Beyonce style pregnancy
The reason for Beyoncé’s bare bump?
She called it, "I have three hearts", referring to her own heart as well as the hearts of her twins growing inside her.

The expectant mum even enlists the help of her five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, with the five-year-old kissing her mum's growing belly.