Truck attack suspect armed, uses 6 names

A wanted notice for a Tunisian suspect in the truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin says the man should be considered armed and dangerous.

The notice, a European arrest warrant from Germany obtained by The Associated Press on Wednesday, indicates he has at times used six different aliases and three different nationalities.

It names Anis Amri as having Tunisian citizenship, born in the town of Ghaza. But it lists multiple aliases, many of them variants on his name, and Egyptian and Lebanese citizenship as well.

German authorities say they rejected the man's asylum request in July.

The notice comes after Ralf Jaeger, the interior minister of North Rhine-Westphalia said he had already been under investigation on suspicion of preparing a serious act of violent subversion against the state.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Jaeger said he had been due for deportation.

Amri is the prime suspect in a terrorist attack that saw a large truck laden with steel plough through a Christmas market in a busy shopping district of Berlin, killing 12 people and injuring 48.

On Wednesday German police began searching a shelter for migrants in western Germany where the man is believed to have lived, a newspaper reports.

Rheinische Post said the shelter is in the town of Emmerich, which lies some 140 kilometres north of the city of Cologne, near the border with the Netherlands.

Germany's Sueddeutsche Zeitung reports he had been in contact with the network of a leading Islamist ideologist known as Abu Walaa.

He had gone into hiding this month, the paper added.