Camden inundated as worst storms in 30 years continue to carve path of destruction in Australia's east


* Three deaths confirmed in NSW and ACT, search underway in Tas
* SES received almost 9000 calls for help across New South Wales.
* 270 flood rescues have occurred across New South Wales.
* Beaches along New South Wales and Queensland coasts severely eroded.
* Flooded roads expected to cause delays for Sydney commuters.
* Weather system expected to impact Victoria and Tasmania today

Camden in south west Sydney has been inundated as flash flooding continues to wreak havoc in eastern Australia.

Images and videos posted to social media show the suburb's streets underwater, as shopkeepers and residents fight a losing battle to hold back the tide.

Businesses in Camden in Sydney fought a losing battle against rising floodwaters. Photo: Facebook/Country Bumpkin
Photo: Facebook/Country Bumpkin

Country Bumpkin, a business in the city, wrote on its Facebook page that staff had no choice but to admit defeat in the face of the surge.

"This is devastating to say the least. I know that most of the shops down our end(I'm not sure about the others) are all under now," a Facebook post said.

"We understand the water has risen a least another foot or so since these were taken. It happened very quickly as the drains in the street backed up and this was where the water started."

Gale force winds, heavy rain and flash flooding continues to lash Australia's east coast for a third day after leaving a shocking path of destruction over southeast Queensland and New South Wales, flooding streets and destroying beachside homes.

A pool can be seen ripped from the ground, sliding down the edge of a delapidated coastline at Collaroy on Sydney's northern beaches, one of the worst affected areas of the storm.

Collaroy Beach Club was destroyed by the force of the ocean and winds, its exterior reduced to rubble falling into the sea.

What's left of beachfront homes on Collaroy's coast. Photo: 7News
Homes and business in Collaroy are being washed away by the wild weather. Photo: Twitter/Sam Clarke
The rock wall at Coogee broke apart in the king tide. Photo: Twitter/AlexB

The SES received almost 9000 calls for help overnight and many families were evacuated as floodwaters continued to rise.

Taking only the bare essentials, more than 500 residents sought refuge.

A king tide combined with an intense weather system made the storm particularly dangerous on the New South Wales coast line. Photo: Getty

White wash engulfed businesses and walkways in Cronulla. Photo: 7 News
Cars underwater in storms that battered QLD yesterday as flood warnings are put in place for NSW. Photo: 7News

“Got what we need, just enough to keep us going for the night,” one occupant told 7 News.

Suburban streets resembled rivers as emergency crews performed 272 flood rescues overnight

In Coffs Harbour, massive waves smashed over the breakwall, ripping the marina apart.

An iconic 100-year-old fig tree ripped from its roots in a Brisbane beer garden. Photo: 7News
Fences and roofs lie broken after gale force winds in NSW. Photo: 7News

Elise Curry from the Coffs Harbour Marina said she has never seen weather conditions so dangerous.

"This is the first time that we've had something at this extent happen here,” she said.

Ocean front businesses on the Gold Coast were destroyed by heavy rain and wild waves and more than 6500 homes were left without power.

Flooding caused destruction for boats along the NSW coast. Photo: 7News
Winds ripped the roof off a PCYC in Burwood, Sydney. Photo: 7News

The rain will continue to pour in Sydney until Monday night and commuters are being warned to expect delays.

The SES will focus on the Shoalhaven area around the NSW south coast as the storm system moves south.