Beachgoers try their best to save beached shark

A group of kindhearted beachgoers has tried their best to save the life of a stranded great white shark in the US.

The rescue attempt occurred at a beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts on Sunday, when the group started digging a trench to take water to the beached shark so it could be dragged back to sea.

CNN reported the footage of the rescue was captured by Stephan Werk.

"We walked down there and the first thing I noticed was a shark's fin," Mr Werk said.

"It was a pretty massive great white shark. People at the time were just shuffling back and forth pouring buckets of water into a little moat they had built to keep the shark cool."

The video showed two men grab the 4m predator by the tail and drag it through the trench.

A large group of beachgoers can be seen running alongside the pair, some throwing buckets of water onto the lifeless shark.

Despite their success in getting the shark back to sea, their efforts proved futile with the animal dying.

An autopsy of the shark failed to determine the cause of death – it appeared healthy apart from injuries it had suffered during the beaching.

Once beached the shark began to bleed internally and was crushed under it’s 900kg frame.