Bar under fire for 'sexist' job ad: 'Disgusting'

A bar in New Zealand has made headlines around the world after posting a ‘sexist’ job ad for staff with a very particular measurement.

“Wanted,” the sign read in the Hokitika venue’s window. "Part-time bar staff, apply with-in.

“Must have double D breasts, a great smile and a good attitude, but men can also apply!”

After a photo of the advert went viral on social media, many quickly pointed out that it belonged to Stumpers Bar & Cafe, described on its website as a “full service hotel offering accommodation and dining suitable for the whole family.”

Many expressed outrage over the “disgusting” act, saying it was only “funny to men, not funny to chicks”.

“I wouldn’t let my daughter work there, no way!” one woman wrote. “The little tricks men do to sexualise people even in the workplace.”

“[It] really sets the scene for what the culture would be like I imagine,” another said.

“I assume that ‘good attitude’ means willing to use a great smile at all times in response to sexist comments and general groping,” someone else added.

Stumpers Bar and Cafe in New Zealand
Online users were quick to point at that the advert belonged to Stumpers Bar and Cafe in Hokitika. Source: Google Maps

While other disgruntled online users slammed Stumpers Bar and Cafe, one person cited it as the “most popular restaurant and sports bar in town", but said they weren’t “inclined to go again".

“[It’s] very cool for all the school age girls you have waitressing there,” one woman wrote sarcastically.

But many others pegged the advert as a joke, accusing people of overreacting to the tongue in cheek humour.

“How is that sexist?” one man asked. “I’ve seen many men with double D breasts. Sure it’s not something I want to see every day and not when eating, but still.”

“The world has become a nanny state,” another exclaimed. “You all need to step back [and] stop taking offence to everything.”

While one woman added that she felt sorry for the “human race”.

“It appears we can’t even identify humour when it’s right in front of us,” she said.

A bar staff making drinks
Many people online said that it was sad that others couldn't take a joke about the job advert. Source: Getty

Some just called it a “clever inexpensive publicity stunt” and a “good bit of free advertising”.

But for most it was a joke too far.

“I completely get the fact it was intended with humour, but how many young girls walk past there every day and see that sign?” one man questioned.

“How many young boys walk past there and assume it’s ok to “require” girls to have a specific measurement as a minimum? Very fun, har har.”

Yahoo News Australia reached out to Stumpers Bar and Cafe on Friday but is yet to hear back.

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