Bali Nine: Australian celebrities slammed for #saveourboys video

Australian celebrities have appeared in a controversial new video calling on the Prime Minister to do more to save the Bali Nine duo facing execution in Indonesia.

Actors including Bryan Brown, Geoffrey Rush and Joel Edgerton, pleaded with Tony Abbott to save Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, who were executed by firing squad early Wednesday morning.

“Mr Abbott, please do your best to get these boys home and off execution row,” veteran actor Bryan Brown says in the video.

“I am Australian and I stand for mercy,” Geoffery Rush adds.

Love My Way star Brenden Cowell says in the video that Mr Abbott should fly to Jakarta and appeal directly to Indonesian President Joko Widodo.

Actor Sam Worthington appeals for PM Tony Abbott to save the Bali Nine duo. Source: YouTube
Actor Sam Worthington appeals for PM Tony Abbott to save the Bali Nine duo. Source: YouTube

“Tony if you had any courage and compassion, you’d get over to Indonesia and bring those two home and show some balls.”

The actors also urged Australians to use the hashtag #saveourboys on social media.

Bryan Brown says he
Bryan Brown says he

But the five and a half minute clip has not been well received by everyone.

Some users have slammed it as an ignorant ‘hate campaign’ against Mr Abbott.

The video’s creator, Anthony Hayes, was also criticised.

“@theanthonyhayes what do you want the PM to do? Threaten to cut off aid? Beg on his knees? Send in the SAS? Get a grip! #auspol #saveourboys,’ someone Tweeted.

Hayes replied: “he has the power to get on a plane and stand by the families in this difficult time. He's silent. At the most desperate time."

Brenden Cowell appeared on radio station 2UE on Tuesday morning to defend the video.

“I’m just saying it’s desperate measures. We should be throwing every single thing at this… I think it’s pretty obvious that everything hasn’t been done.”

"As I said, mate, I haven’t studied politics. I don’t know enough. I don’t know what the processes are."

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