Bali golf buggy mishap leaves Aussie's arm 'hanging like a piece of string'

The horrific accident left the father in excruciating pain following the incident.

A father of two has been left with a shattered arm and ongoing, excruciating pain after a horrific golf buggy crash in Bali.

Curtis Bransby, 47, his wife and their two young daughters, aged 3 and 5, were being driven through their luxury resort along "steep and slippery" paths when their vehicle crashed into another, sending Bransby flying into a brick wall, smashing his arm into pieces.

His three-year-old was on his lap at the time of the crash but Bransby managed to shield her from most of the impact. The rest of the family, who were both sitting in the back, escaped injury.

Left image is an X-ray of Curtis Bransby's broken arm. Right image is of Bransby in hospital in Bali.
Curtis Bransby is still unable to work after the horror crash in September. Source: Curtis Bransby/Supplied/7NEWS

Bransby told 7NEWS the impact left his arm "hanging behind my back like a piece of string". After being taken to hospital, he needed immediate surgery and spent nine days there before flying home to Western Australia.

Since the accident on September 20, Bransby has been diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and has been unable to return to work. "I had intense pain for two months straight and now still have throbbing and cramping pains, and if I bump or move incorrectly it is unbearable," he said.

Hotel gives 'lowly offer' to out-of-work father

Bransby's travel insurance covered the $26,000 worth of medical expenses from his surgery and stay in BIMC Hospital in Bali, but since returning home the family has been struggling to stay on top of expenses while he has been out of work.

"My parents-in-law have already paid $10,000 to my wife to avoid us defaulting on our mortgage over the time I have been written off work," he said.

Karma Group, who own the hotel, have allegedly offered Bransby $7,600 as a gesture of goodwill though he says the payment is a "lowly offer" that is not enough to cover his lost wages and the cost of making changes to his flights. "Covering wages would be good — it’s a start," Bransby said. "Bills don’t go away and don’t pay themselves".

Report allegedly reveals brakes were faulty

A spokesperson for the hotel told 7NEWS said they were still talking to Bransby and were waiting on medical reports.

The pair were staying in the $600-a-night Karma Kandara hotel in Ungasan and a hotel accident report supplied to Bransby says the "brake was faulty, [the buggy] went out of control and collided with another buggy", 7News.

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