Baby born with brain outside his skull shocks doctors with remarkable progress

Angie Asimus

Little Jayden Moyo was born with part of his brain outside his skull with a growth so big doctors had never seen one like it before.

After marathon surgery, the toddler shocked doctors with his remarkable progress.

Now a happy and healthy toddler, Jayden is cherished by his parents who know how precious his life is.

The Perth boy was born with a massive growth protruding from a hole between his eyes.

Jayden Moyo has had a remarkable life. Source: 7 News
The toddler was born with his brain outside his skull. Source: 7 News

The growth was his brain, a condition called nasal encephalocele.

Doctors discovered the problem when his mother Thembe Moyo was 21 weeks pregnant.

His father Sipho Moyo told 7 News, "It was confronting. We were scared. We were shattered. Lots of tears."

"In their words, he wasn't going to be human. He wasn't going to be a human being."

The condition was spotted when his mother Thembe was 21 weeks pregnant. Source: 7 News
The condition was is known as nasal encephalocele. Source: 7 News

Thembe and Sipho were told to consider terminating the pregnancy but they say the decision to carry Jayden to term was easy.

"We accepted Jayden and we were willing to accept him however he was going to turn out," Thembe said.

When Jayden was one week old he underwent a delicate, six-hour operation.

Jayden underwent a six-hour surgery when he was one week old. Source: 7 News

Plastic surgeon Tim Hewitt was part of a team of 10 specialists who put Jayden's brain back inside his skull.

"Big ones like this are rare," Dr Hewitt told 7 News.

"I've been here 10 years and I've never seen one this big."

Doctors had never seen a condition quite as large. Source: 7 News

The surgery was risky but successful and doctors are now confident Jayden has no permanent damage, while plastic surgery on his nose is likely to be the only procedure still ahead of him.

"Jayden makes us happy," his father said. "His smile, considering everything he's gone through, he's just an amazing boy."

Despite being told to consider termination, Jayden's parents decided to carry him to term. Source: 7 News

His parents have set up a support-network charity for families of children who look a little different called Face Up.

"I think one thing that I have learnt from all this is that love - love conquers all," Sipho said.