Awful twist as mum found months after vanishing on road trip

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There has been a tragic development after a mum reported missing was found alive.

Alyssa Olivier, 39, went missing from Denver in the US state of Colorado on August 6.

Her friend Erin Martin posted to Facebook in a desperate hope of finding her after Ms Olivier went to Manhattan in New York. She was hunting for an apartment.

Alyssa Olivier, 39, is pictured.
Alyssa Olivier, 39, went missing on August 6. Source: New York Post

Ms Martin said her friend lost her wallet before disappearing.

“She parked her car in a two-hour parking spot with her cell phone and electronics inside,” Ms Martin wrote.

“The car looked as though she was planning on returning to it momentarily. The car sat there untouched for six weeks. She was not heard from during this time and there was zero electronic activity that could be linked to her.

“A missing persons case was opened in Denver where she is a resident. Even though we could prove that she went missing from New York City no case was opened here because the police said she was neither a resident nor a temporary resident by their definitions.”

Missing mum reappears

She appealed to residents in New York to help find her. Ms Martin wrote in an update on September 29, Ms Olivier called her husband for help from a kiosk but sounded “unintelligible, frantic” and “very scared”.

Concerns were held for her mental state as well as the fact she was missing. Ms Martin wrote that a private investigator was hired to track the mum down and filmed Ms Olivier appearing to kick people on the street.

“She does have an underlying autoimmune and seizure disorder that she has not been medicated for in these last two months while she has been missing,” Ms Martin wrote.

“She does not have a history of mental illness other than mild anxiety, and she does not have a history of drug use.”

A woman kicks another woman in Manhattan, New York.
CCTV shows a woman, who appears to be Ms Olivier, kicking someone. Source: Facebook/ Erin Martin

On October 14, Ms Martin wrote Ms Olivier had been found.

But Ms Olivier declined any medical attention and cannot be forced to do anything as she is an adult and not under the influence of substances, Ms Martin wrote.

It’s believed she is now homeless.

Alyssa’s mum Kristie Olivier told The New York Post the family is “terrified” as her daughter is now “not entirely coherent”.

“We don’t know if we are dealing with a health issue, a mental health issue or something else,” she told The Post.

“She’s been without any means of support for two months. Who knows what she has encountered on the streets?”

Alyssa Olivier, 39, is pictured.
Ms Martin's family say she's not entirely coherent in her current state. Source: Facebook/ Erin Martin

Her mum said Ms Olivier had undergone a lot of recent changes in her life including being separated from her husband recently, but said she was not unravelling.

She added Ms Olivier suffered a brain injury as a child.

The NYPD confirmed to The Post it is investigating the assault.

The ordeal has left the Olivier family “heartbroken”.

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