Australia Post rider slammed for ‘unnecessary’ move on man’s lawn

Paul Goodwin, 71, doesn't understand why the postie chose to 'vandalise' his lawn – and he wasn't happy with their excuse.

Another homeowner has been left furious by the actions of a postie who chooses to drive over his front lawn in order to make their deliveries, leaving the man's well manicured grass covered in track marks from the Australia Post vehicle.

Gold Coast resident Paul Goodwin, 71, claims his local postie drove through his front yard multiple times during the last week of March, with the actions leaving his grass damaged, and muddy marks on his driveway.

"They've come across the lawn and just marked the top of it so it's obvious they have driven across it while it was wet," he told Yahoo News. "The next day they've come across and just done a bloody burnout across my grass, it dug into the grass by about four inches in some parts," he complained.

The Australia Post rider drove on his grass leaving deep marks on it (right) and muddy track marks along the Gold Coast driveway (left).
An Australia Post driver rode over Paul Goodwin's front lawn twice in one week on the Gold Coast. Source: Supplied

He recently got his driveway renovated but after the postie's actions the homeowner was left to scrub the ground in the hope the marks would disappear, which he claims haven't, and his next door neighbour also experienced the same issue.

"The same thing happened to the next door neighbour's but there's wasn't as deep as ours," Goodwin said of the damaged lawn.

Homeowner 'annoyed' by unnecessary move by postie

Goodwin has lived in the property for 27 years and frequently gets his lawn treated, taking pride in his home. He said he doesn't understand why the postie chooses to drive over his lawn, deeming it completely "unnecessary".

"They could have driven round the other side of the letterbox where there's ample room to put some mail... how hard can it be to find an alternate route and avoid this type of damage."

He reached out to Australia Post who said the specific postie would receive feedback of his complaint but no further action or compensation was offered.

In correspondence from an Australia Post worker to Goodwin in response to his complaint, and seen by Yahoo, the worker noted the entitlements enjoyed by posties. "Please be aware that Australia Post is one of the few organisations that can operate motor vehicles on the footpath or nature strip," they said. "This legislation is usually included at both state and council levels. However, this does not mean that our Posties can intentionally cause damage to the nature strip area."

"To do something like that is absolute vandalism and for no one to come talk to me locally, I thought they [Australia Post] would have had a better response," Goodwin .

Yahoo News have reached out to Australia Post for comment.

Homeowner creates makeshift fence to deter posties

A similar incident occurred in Coffs Harbour in NSW last week with the resident deciding to create a makeshift fence to stop posties from driving over their lawn.

A bright orange plastic material was hung between the resident's mailbox and a red-lidded bin after a delivery driver drove through their front lawn, leaving tyre tracks and damage in the wet turf.

It may not be easy to see but locals say the lawn was 'butchered' by posties driving on it. Source: TikTok
It may not be easy to see but locals say the lawn was 'butchered' by posties driving on it. Source: TikTok

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