Local's divisive solution to Australia Post vehicle 'butchering' lawn

Locals believe the grass was ruined by posties riding along the nature strip instead of the road.

Some Aussies take immense pride in their lawn, making sure even the grass on their nature strip is bright green and luscious at all times.

One household in Coffs Harbour, NSW has even put up a makeshift fence to block Australia Post delivery drivers from riding their motorbikes on the nature strip after claiming posties had "butchered" the lawn by constantly riding along it. A move that has caused a divide among those who have seen it.

The bright orange plastic fencing has been tied between the mailbox and a red-lidded bin, and goes right across the grass sitting in front of the property — from the retaining wall of the home to the kerb. But, with nature strips often being council-owned land and posties needing direct routes to deliver mail, some are arguing the "solution" is doing more harm than good.

It may not be easy to see but locals have said the lawn was 'butchered' by posties driving on it. Source: TikTok
It may not be easy to see but locals say the lawn was 'butchered' by posties driving on it. Source: TikTok

Michael from Mickey Mouse Bathrooms filmed the grass while at one of his client's homes, noting the tracks left by the postie looked far worse in person than on film. The self-professed lawn enthusiast told Yahoo News Australia that while he understands posties have a job to do, perhaps they could give it a day or so after heavy rain to let the grass dry up before driving on it and leaving tracks.

Australia Post ask people not to impede delivery routes

Assuming this area is a council-owned strip, Australia Post told Yahoo News Australia posties are allowed to take "the most direct route that's safe and practical" as they deliver between letterboxes, and do not want people to impede delivery routes .

"Our posties play an important role in keeping the Australian community connected," a spokesperson said. "While we understand wet weather can play havoc with lawns, to ensure the safety of our posties we would ask the community to not purposely impede or block delivery routes."

Debate over the obstruction

There were many who claimed to have a similar issue with their lawn due to postie vehicles, with some even saying they had set up a similar blockade. "Happened to us but in an area before our letterbox. We put something like this up and got a letter warning from the council," said one.

"I hate it when the postie does that, my front lawn has a solid track," another lamented.

Others condemned the addition, asking why the homeowner would treat council-owned land as their own. "The council owns that part of the grass. I've never understood people who baby the council grass," a local responded.

"Do you expect the postie to go up and down 1500+ driveways every day or park and walk 1500+ times? Have you considered the hazards? Especially doing that many U-turns on different driveway surfaces," another reasoned.

"The curb is owned by council if I was a postie I would either ride over it or throw your mail on the driveway," a third added.

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