Aussies stunned by 'very cool' double snake encounter

The footage uncovered the interesting mating behaviour of little file snakes.

A late night fishing trip uncovered the interesting mating behaviour of a snake that isn't commonly seen in Australia.

Little file snakes are found in southeast Asia and the Solomon Islands, but sightings in Australia are scarce in comparison, with most sighted in the northern most points of Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The snakes can be seen tangled together in the water.
The snakes were spotted mating by a Cairns resident during a late-night fishing excursion. Source: Facebook/SnakeIdentifcationAustrala

However, one Cairns resident was not only lucky enough to stumble upon one, but two, as she set out to do some fishing last week.

The snakes formed a tangled ball as they floated along the dark and murky waters of the Baron River, with only the help of a flashlight allowing spectators to identity what was going on, with one sharing how "very cool" the footage was.

A map of Australia shows that little file snakes are most commonly spotted on the northern coast of Queensland and the Northern Territory.
Little file snakes are most common on the northern coast of Queensland and the Northern Territory. Source: Atlas of Living Australia

How do these snakes reproduce?

Once a female snake releases pheromones to attract a mate, the male snakes will wrap itself around the female to begin the process — as spotted in the footage.

Males are known to often drown during mating as the female determines when the pair resurface for air.

These non-venomous constrictors have over 100 textured scales which enable them to tightly grip to their mates and prey alike.

How do these reptiles 'breathe' in the water?

Unlike land snakes, water snakes have large lungs that extend throughout their entire body, enabling them to remain under water for hours without coming up for air.

They have nostrils located on the top of their head which allows them to breathe without fully breaking the the surface of the water.

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