Aussies furious over bus driver's 'unbelievable' act in narrow street

A local getting ready for work at home captured the controversial moment with the parked car.

While inner-city living comes with its many advantages, it unfortunately has its odd downside. One major plight for residents is congested, narrow streets and with many without off-street parking, there is an ongoing fear their vehicles parked by the kerb will one day be damaged.

And that was the unfortunate reality for one Sydney resident after a local woman allegedly caught a bus in a hit-and-run scenario in Balmain, smashing into their parked car and driving off without leaving any details.

The woman who saw the incident was getting ready for work when the crash happened and immediately took photos of the damaged car and bus details, posting the photos onto a local Facebook group hoping to notify the car's owner.

What is meant to happen when a bus hits your parked car?

The next day, another local said they caught a second bus doing the exact same thing — hitting a parked car and driving off — leaving people in the area questioning where is the "care" and what is the expectancy of buses in such incidents.

Left image is close up of damage to front of grey vehicle. Right image is the Sydney bus driving off.
A Sydney bus has been caught in the act, sideswiping a parked car and driving off. Source: Facebook

Due to the length of buses and the amount of blind spots they have, bus drivers may not always realise a collision has occurred – a possible explanation for the incident in Balmain.

While Transport NSW declined to provide comment on the specific incident in Balmain, Yahoo News Australia understands bus drivers are expected to leave a note on damaged vehicles with all the relevant information like any other motorist if the owner is not present to exchange details.

Failing to do so can result in a $2,200 fine.

Buses aren't stopping and locals are outraged

People online could not believe the bus drove off without stopping to leave their details for the damaged car's owner.

"Omg they are so lucky you saw it! How could they not even stop? Unbelievable," one shared.

"The person is lucky you got photos," another said.

After a second post in the same group caught another bus swiping into a parked car's mirror the next day, locals began speculating it was not just a one-off.

"Another one! Seems like it’s a daily occurrence," one person commented.

Rules for when your car has been hit by a bus

When involved in an accident, whether the bus has hit a parked car or it has happened when both are driving, the same rules apply to a bus driver as to any other drivers on the road and they are expected to exchange details with the other drivers involved or leave a note.

If your car is involved in an incident with a bus, get the information of the bus, including it's rego, photos of damage, and the time of the accident, and contact with the bus operator directly or report it through the feedback line.

The relevant bus operator is insured, not the actual driver, and your third party would get in contact with the operator directly.

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