Aussie woman's terrifying late-night discovery in the shower

The Perth woman looked up to see a huge python directly above her.

A woman was casually taking a shower in her home when she looked up at the exhaust fan and made a shocking discovery.

Being "pretty wound up" the alarmed Perth resident quickly called snake catcher Paul from Mad Pauly’s Reptile Removal, who came to the rescue in the early hours of the morning.

"It was 1.30 in the morning," he told 6PR. "(She said) can you please come now and get this thing."

A photo of a Stimson’s python lounging about in a woman's exhaust fan in the bathroom.
A woman was taking a shower when she discovered a Stimson’s python lounging about in her exhaust fan. Source: 6PR

The slithery creature relaxing in the exhaust fan turned out to be a Stimson's python named Rufus, who is "not native to the area".

"It ended up being someone's escaped pet, the owner has even contacted me and this pet is named Rufus," he told the broadcaster. "Ended up travelling a good kilometre or so, did well to not get eaten or run over."

"Went on a little adventure this guy," Paul said on on Mad Pauly’s Reptile Removal's Facebook page, affectionally calling the python a "sweetheart".

He confirmed reptiles are allowed to be pets if the owners have a licence from The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.

(Snakes are) not allowed to leave the property, but stuff happens... It's no different to having your dog or cat or something escape," Paul told the broadcaster.

Social media users react to woman's frightening find

Many commended Paul on rescuing Rufus, saying it was "so good he got back to his family".

Others said they would now be hypervigilant when stepping into the bathroom.

"Oh hell no, now I'm going to be looking up every time I go to the loo," one person said on Facebook.

"That’s one way to hurry people up in the shower," another joked.

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