Aussie woman 'making Christmas easier' for struggling families

The selfless mum wanted to give back a little after noticing how tough some Aussies have it.

Noticing the number of Aussie families currently struggling financially, Tiarna decided she wanted to do something to help.

"I’ve had a lot of blessings this year and I just wanted to give back a little," the Queensland told Yahoo News Australia. "I don’t need good karma or anything in return I just wanted to help those struggling".

The cost of living crisis has forced many Aussies to go without this year, with some forced to sacrifice ample food, or sometimes, a suitable place to call home. Last year, a Salvation Army survey found that 73 per cent of cash-strapped Aussies experienced financial concerns leading into Christmas, while 77 per cent struggled to afford enough food to eat.

So to help "make it a little easier" for struggling families ahead of Christmas this year, Tiarna is offering three sets of Christmas decorations — including a 6-foot tree, tinsel and some lights — for those in need. While it might not seem like much, she said she hopes it takes the pressure off a little, and make Christmas more "enjoyable" for a few.

Christmas tree boxes with decorations including tinsel, baubles, lights, stars.
One Aussie mum is offering three sets of Christmas decorations for struggling families. Source: Supplied

Many Aussies 'struggling' ahead of Christmas

The idea came to her after offering an old tree on Facebook last week — and she was overwhelmed by the response she received. "The amount of people that were struggling and needed one.... so I thought why not help them when I'm in the position to," she said.

Posting in the Redcliffe Peninsula community group on Facebook, Tiarna offered three lucky families a chance to celebrate Christmas with ease.

"I saw the other day there was a few in need of a Christmas tree and/or just decorations, and I wanted to do something nice to give back and help a couple of families out," she wrote.

"I’ve gone and gotten three Christmas trees, decorations, tinsel a star and some lights for each, I would love to give everyone in need a set but at the moment, I only have three.

"So if you're in need of a tree and some decorations [please] inbox me and arrange pickup! [Please] only inbox if you are actually In need and not just going to sell it off as I’ve had people do that before!"

Australian woman Tiarna.
Queensland mum Tiarna said she's been lucky this year and wanted to return the favour. Source: Supplied

'I would have spent whatever was needed'

Spending a total of $150, Tiarna said it is a small price to pay for happiness. "I would have spent whatever needed to help as many people as I could," she said. She plans to pick up some extra sets as soon as there's new stock.

"I had so many ppl messaging needing one," she told Yahoo.

Tiara's "beautiful gesture" was praised on social media where it received an abundance of love.

"So kind, you will make someone's family very happy," one person wrote. "You're a wonderful person," said another.

Aussies come together in times of need

Last month, an Aussie grandmother was surprised to be on the receiving end of a random act of kindness. Karen Harding was waiting at the bus stop and discovered a WISH Gift Card addressed to a "random person".

Meanwhile, in a coastal town 230 kilometres south of Sydney stands a small outdoor cupboard that's filled with basic grocery items including eggs, bread, milk and fresh produce. It's designed for people to help themselves to food to feed their families.

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