Frustrated staff reveal the real reason for Big W, Coles 'early' Christmas displays

Retail staff have leapt to defend the move, explaining why we're seeing the Christmas products early this year.

With August yet to draw to a close, and three months of spring to follow, Aussie retailers have begun unveiling their Christmas displays — drawing mixed reactions from shoppers.

On the eve of spring it's clear the seasons are changing, the days are warmer and longer making it feel like summer is imminent. But whether you love or hate Christmas, many argue it's still far too early for festive products to be making their way onto the shelves.

Over the weekend, supermarket giant Coles unveiled their latest range of festive treats, stocking shelves with fruit mince pies and Christmas puddings. A full week before that Costco also raised eyebrows for fitting their aisles with holiday-themed products.

Now it seems Big W is the latest to follow suit, seemingly unable to resist getting in on the action, launching a range of silver and gold decorations of their own.

Christ decorations are seen on Big W shelves.
Big W has become the latest retailer to unveil their Christmas displays, months out from the big day. Source: Reddit/Big W.

Some savvy shoppers believe if you buy the products now, months ahead of Christmas, it could save you big bucks in the long-run should prices increase to cater to demand.

It may also be of benefit to purchase the decorations now, some say, before the costly festive season takes hold and shoppers are slapped with expense after expense.

Shoppers want Christmas stock early

Many have taken to social media to lash the move, but staff members working at retailers have said the reason behind it is really very simple.

"Retail slave here, it gets put out this early because people buy it this early," the retailer worker said on Reddit.

"We already have people asking where the stock is, and, stores have a 'flex' space like this that is only there for holiday related items. Just don't abuse the staff, if you have issues with this stock being out in August, email head office, who send it and tell the staff to put it out."

"Christmas has breached the Halloween barrier," another Reddit user said. "I used to love Christmas before I worked in retail," said another. "So it begins," a woman said.

We'll let you decide if you think the decorations are season-appropriate.

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