Aussie traps one of the world’s deadliest snakes in tight spot: 'Pretty crazy'

Photos reveal the awkward position the snake ended up in.

Incredible photos have revealed an Aussie's desperate attempt to get the second most venomous snake on the planet out of her home.

In a series of images, an eastern brown snake can be seen stuck between the glass pane of a kitchen window and the fly screen of the woman's Queensland property.

“He was on the inside of the house,” the woman’s daughter wrote on social media. “Mum somehow trapped it between the glass and [the fly] screen as it was trying to get outside I presume.

Photos show the snake wedged in between the glass window and the fly screen.
The snake wedged in between the glass window and the fly screen. Source: Facebook

“Don’t see any holes in the screen, but yes it’s a little squished but not hurt. [It] can still move plenty.”

After putting out the call for help, the woman’s mum rang a local snake catcher who jumped to the rescue.

'Four foot snake just hanging out in a window'

Stuart McKenzie from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 told Yahoo News Australia that it was his colleague Ed, from Gympie Snake Catcher, who was sent out to the property in Glenwood, between the Fraser Coast Region and the Gympie Region, late last week.

“It was pretty crazy,” McKenzie said. “Like a four foot brown snake just hanging out in a window.”

A video shared on Facebook by the homeowner's daughter, captured Ed’s attempts to encourage the snake to come out from between the glass and the screen.

“Ed went over and was able to sort of poke and prod it and encourage it out into his bag,” McKenzie explained.

“I think he was able to create a gap and then kind of put his bag at the end of it then sort of poked the snake from the other end and it sort of came out of the gap that he created and went straight in the bag.”

The snake between the glass and fly screen.
The homeowner's daughter said the snake was inside the house when her mum 'somehow trapped it between the glass and screen as it was trying to get outside'. Source: Facebook/Gympie Snake Catcher

The almost three-minute-long clip shows the snake catcher using a stick to gently push the eastern brown through the fly screen towards the open snake catcher’s bag. “There we go,” Ed can be heard saying, as the snake ever so slowly makes its way out.

McKenzie added that the snake was later safely relocated.

What was the snake doing in the window?

While snakes will often seek out tight spaces, McKenzie said it's likely that the eastern brown was just trying to get out of the house when he was trapped.

“I reckon the snake’s come in an open door or something and then it tried to get out and that's when it's seen the light coming in the window, thinking it could get outside,” he explained. “So I reckon the snake would have been trying to get back out.”

A close up of the snake's head (left) and body (right).
The snake had to be prodded out of its tight spot. Source: Facebook

He went on to describe the incident as “certainly unusual”.

“You know, we do catch a lot of snakes in unusual spots but yeah, I think it was definitely up there as unusual that’s for sure,” McKenzie said.

While it was an extremely close call for the homeowner, with eastern brown’s being incredibly deadly.

“They’re highly venomous, so they're the second most venomous snake on the planet, in terms of their toxicity and their venom,” the snake catcher explained. “They're certainly not a snake you want to get bitten by.”

Fortunately though, snakes aren’t too fond of people.

“Like all snakes, eastern browns just want to get away from us, so this one was trying to get away,” McKenzie said. “But as soon as you agitate them or try and get in their face, that's when they'll try and bite.”

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