Aussie senator hits out after being shamed for his outfit

David Pocock has congratulated a major Aussie news outlet for covering the 'big issues' after it launched a tirade over what he wore for a doorstop interview.

Rugby union legend turned Aussie politician David Pocock has been forced to defend himself after turning up for a TV interview in a band T-shirt.

The Independent Senator for the ACT became the target for Sky News host Caleb Bond on Tuesday night during an on-air tirade over his outfit choice.

“He rocked up to a doorstop in a Tame Impala T-shirt, he couldn't even put on a collared shirt,” Mr Bond said. “It’s time to act, go to a shop and buy a bloody shirt and tie and a suit, you’re a politician!”

David Pocock in his t-shirt in the press gallery in Parliament House in Canberra.
David Pocock said he'd been playing tennis that morning to celebrate 100 years of Tennis ACT. Source: Sky News

‘Play on’

By Wednesday afternoon, Senator Pocock took to Twitter to explain why he opted for a tee inside Parliament House.

“I’d come straight from an early morning game of tennis to celebrate 100 years of Tennis ACT and agreed to do a doorstop (not a prearranged interview) in the hallway on the way out of the Press Gallery after a morning radio interview,” he wrote online. “Great to see the big issues being reported.”

“What do you think? Play on?” he added.

‘A suit doesn’t maketh the man’

Senator Pocock’s post has since gone viral, with more than 204,000 views and 800 comments.

“Go for it, who cares?” one person wrote. “It’s refreshing to see a politician who’s not a stereotype.”

“I love the fact you don’t toe the dress code,” another said. “I couldn’t care less how someone looks. It’s what they say and how they act that matters.”

“[I’d] rather see an honest politician in neat casual, than something else in a fancy suit with a picture perfect blue tie,” someone else added.

“A suit doesn’t maketh the man, substance is far more important than the cut of cloth,” commented another.

While others hit back at Sky News for their remarks.

“If this is all they have to complain about, [it] must be a real slow news day,” one person wrote. “It really says more about them than David Pocock,” another said.

Some even praised the Senator for his “excellent taste in music”.

“[I’m] 100 per cent in favour of David Pocock wearing an Australian band T-shirt for every interview,” a user added.

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