Aussie renter stunned to discover huge problem under carpet

The shocking find came after the tenants were walking through their spare room.

An Aussie renter was in shock after walking on her carpet only to discover that part of her floor was missing.

The Melbourne woman, known as Elledalousie on TikTok, was organising her spare room with her partner last Wednesday when they felt a "hole under the carpet", so immediately contacted their real estate agent.

Six days later, when someone was sent to the house to investigate, it was confirmed there was a giant, gaping hole leading to the outside world in their floor — flimsily covered by the carpet.

"I can't believe they had a hole in the ground and just put carpet over it. [I'm] so glad no one's leg went through it," she told Yahoo News Australia.

Left is an image of the renter about to remove the floor covering. Right image is of the hole in her floor with hand in it to show size.
A hole found in a Melbourne rental home's floor is one of many issues found in one woman's home. Source: TikTok / Supplied

The real estate agency sent someone out to investigate the problem this week. The agency representative confirmed the hole but the couple are still waiting to hear what they are going to do about it.

Calls for renters' advocate to step in

After sharing the video on social media, angry Aussies sick of renters being treated poorly immediately began tagging well-known renters advocate and creator of Sh*, Jordie van den Berg. Elledalouise has since sent through details in the hope he will help with her situation.

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Hole in the floor one of many problems of nightmare rental

The hole is just one of Elledalouise and her partner's issues with the house. They've been living in the rental for around two and half months now and say that they've already had to go to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to force the agency and the landlord to fix urgent repairs.

"It hasn't met minimum standards since we moved in," she shared.

The pair state that they have a laundry list of issues and have shared that since moving in they:

  • do not have adequate ventilation in their kitchen or bathroom

  • have water seeping through the drywall in the laundry

  • have water damage in the rumpus room causing mould

  • had no heating or cooling for four weeks,

  • had no power to the whole house for a few days

Elledalouise also discovered crushed building materials in the garden and had to organise asbestos testing after the real estate advised asbestos sheeting was found during a recent renovation. The tests came back negative for asbestos.

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