Aussie pub's hilarious attempt to stop common move by customers: 'Please don't'

The hilarious recreation of the popular anti-piracy ad from the 2000s has driven many to admit to thieving.

Left image of a Guinness glass. Right image of the Central Hotel outside with person pretending to steal furniture.
Pub's hilarious act in a bid to stop glass theft. Source: TikTok

Most adult Australians would be able to recall the anti-piracy ad that featured at the start of most videos and DVDs in the early 2000s, starting with "you wouldn't steal a car".

One Aussie pub, The Central Hotel in Beaconsfield, Melbourne, has decided to recreate the widely-known ad themselves in a bid to convince patrons to stop stealing their beloved Guinness glasses.

"You wouldn't steal our menus," the TikTok video starts with. "You wouldn't steal our menus," it continues, before also saying the same about their "furniture".

"Please don't steal our Guinness glasses."

Bar workers share what's often stolen from pubs

After being seen by almost 500,000 people, the video has had a range of responses, with many bar workers also sharing the odd things constantly stolen from their venues.

"I’ve had people steal cutlery, salt and pepper shakers, Christmas decorations, menus, attempt to steal the bar mats... we've even had someone try and take our trestle table," one said.

"The funniest ones at work have been the soap dispensers and multiple toilet brushes," a second added.

Others blatantly admitted to being pub thieves themselves. "A nice glass or table plant is always coming home with me," one admitted.

"You keep the Guinness glasses, I’m swiping the Stella Artois ones," another said.

Yahoo News Australia has reached out to The Central Hotel for comment.

Aussie pubs constantly losing glasses to theft

Taking home a glass from the local pub is something many Aussies have owned up to doing at least once in their life, with the Dromedary — a family-run establishment in the tiny NSW South Coast town of Central Tilba — also recently pleading with patrons to stop taking their glasses after losing so many at a "suspicious rate".

"Schooners we will cop to a certain degree," pub manager Rex Hone told Yahoo News Australia at the time. "But we had about 30 [gin and tonic glasses] and it went back to just six left in a period of a month — and not a lot had broken".

Hone said that in one weekend they lost about seven to eight of them over just the Friday and Saturday night. "They're quite expensive," he said. "We're easily losing $100 a week on just these glasses alone".

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