Aussie pokes fun at his 'brave' encounter with deadly snake in backyard

The brown snake is barely visible in the footage, highlighting how easily potential dangers can go unnoticed around a home.

A man’s reaction to one of the world’s most venomous snakes darting towards him as he stands in his yard has amused Aussies, many of whom say they would have done the exact same thing.

The footage shows the man walking around to a storage area on the side of what appears to be a backyard patio before suddenly bolting to the right while screaming as the snake heads in his direction. “The brave Australian male encounters an eastern brown snake in their shared habitat,” he joked on Reddit on Wednesday, poking fun at his “fight or flight response”.

The eastern brown snake among a bunch of clutter darting toward the 'brave' man. Right is the shaky camera as the man runs away.
The Aussie has mocked his 'brave' reaction after spotting an eastern brown snake darting toward him in his backyard. Source: Reddit

The brown snake is barely visible in the footage, highlighting how easily potential dangers can go unnoticed around a home. However, at one point the reptile can be seen emerging from under a storage box and heading to a hose coiled in front of the man’s feet. “She was coming right for me. By which I mean I was foolishly standing directly between her and her favourite hiding spot,” he explained. It is unknown where the video was filmed.

Making fun of himself, the man told one viewer you could tell he’s a “brave Australian male” by the way he “screamed and ran”.

“Perfectly normal reaction. Them's notorious nope noodles,” another Redditor assured him. “Every man, woman, and child should take this as a key lesson. See a snake, run away screaming to alert everyone there is in fact a snake with a sense of urgency,” another commented.

“A bloke finds one of the most venomous snakes in the world at his home and books it out of there. In other words, just another day here in Australia,” someone else said.

Eastern brown snake is a frequent visitor

The man said the eastern brown snake is a regular visitor on his property, and loves the garden. “We see her around a bit. She’s on rat control,” he said.

“We relocated the first one, then we realised there’s an endless supply of snakes and removal costs money, whether they catch it or not. Now at peace with the fact that they generally mind their business and earn their keep by controlling other pests.”

The man said that while his new roommate’s bite can be deadly, snakes overall are “super shy and just want to get the f**k away from you and hide”.

“Also worth mentioning that they’re more dangerous in early spring when they’re trying to recharge in the sun,” he added. “They don’t always have the energy to f**k off when they feel you coming, so there’s a chance of stepping on one, in which case its only option is to strike. Just watch where you put your feet.”

Brown snake hiding between rocks in Queensland backyard.
In October, a brown snake was found hiding between the rocks of a retaining wall in a Queensland backyard. Source: Supplied/Brisbane and Gold Coast Snake Catchers

Snakes love to hide in the garden

There are numerous places in a garden where snakes can hide, including long grass, overgrown gardens and clutter — so it's best to be aware. The animals are known to camouflage themselves which can help them hide from predators, Queensland-based snake catcher Dan Busstra previously told Yahoo News Australia.

"Some snakes will hide in places they have smelt an animal, and wait for it to hopefully return," he said. "Snakes don’t feel comfortable out in an open area. They tend to stay near things they can hide under."

If you spot a snake in your home or on your property, it’s best to leave it alone and call a licensed snake catcher if you want it removed.

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