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Aussie parents in fierce debate over new playground feature

A new feature at spotted at playgrounds in Melbourne has sparked a fierce debate as Aussie parents question whether it's good for children.

Reddit user Moglefog posted a picture of a yellow panel she found in a playground in an outer Melbourne suburb: "Anyone know what this is? It's drilled to a swing set at the playground in Diamond Creek."

The panel appears to be part of an augmented reality (AR) game, which allows players to view a virtual world on their device as they walk through the park. It's billed as a way to "get the kids off the couch and active outside" but some parents are not at all impressed by the concept.

Augmented reality game device at Aussie park
The augmented reality game integrated into some Melbourne playgrounds has split opinion between Aussie parents. Source: Reddit

"Imagine going to the park as a kid to play a game on your phone," commented one user. While someone else seethed: "Cool, so we take our kids to the park so they can look at a screen the whole time."

Better than nothing?

Others weren't too fussed about the AR integration and chose to poke fun at the grumpy parents, with one user asking, "Dad is that you?" and someone else joking that you would've needed a rather long cable to bring a phone to the park back in their day.

Another Redditor pointed out that kids using the app while at a playground was "better than not going to the park at all," while someone else noted kids "gotta get that sunlight".

"Imagine being upset that some children have access to such great technology that allows them to experience things we couldn't when we were kids," replied another user. "Embrace the change or eat mud. Either way this world will leave you behind far sooner than most of the kids playing this game."

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