Aussie mum's plea after husband's 'unprovoked’ honeymoon attack

Andreas Lehr remains in hospital with bleeding on the brain and severe head trauma.

An Aussie mum is desperate to get her husband home to New South Wales after an alleged one punch attack has left him clinging to life in a Perth hospital.

Newlyweds Kanisha and Andreas Lehr were visiting from Coffs Harbour on their honeymoon and attended the Luke Combs concert last weekend when suddenly the 36-year-old was hit by a stranger in an alleged 'unprovoked' attack.

The father-of-two has spent the week in Royal Perth Hospital after suffering from bleeding on the brain and severe head trauma. Kanisha says he needs a medically-assisted flight back to their home town where their kids Callie, 3, and Mason, 5, are waiting, which is expected to cost more than $25,000.

Coffs Harbour family Kanisha and Andreas Lehr with two children
Kanisha and Andreas Lehr are desperate to get home to Coffs Harbour, NSW where their kids, aged 3 and 5, are waiting for them. Source: Facebook/GoFundMe

"He's not doing very well at the moment but each day is getting better," Kanisha told 9News from hospital where she remains by her husband's side. "It's the unknown that's so scary, we don't know how long it's going to take," she added noting his recovery could take "days, weeks or months".

Dad 'fell to ground' after being 'king hit'

Explaining how the incident occurred, the mum-of-two said they were shoulder-to-shoulder trying to leave the concert at RAC Arena. "Andreas put his hand out to shake this fella's hand and asked him if he was okay and he's turned round and king hit him where Andreas has fallen to the ground," she explained. Strangers, including off-duty nurses, reportedly rushed to his aid.

Two pictures of man (Andreas Lehr) laying in hospital bed with blood on his face.
Andreas Lehr remains in hospital with severe head trauma and bleeding on the brain. Source: 9News

Currently, there are only "a few sentences and words he can string together" that make sense, Andreas' distraught wife revealed. But getting him home to see their kids is "top of the list for Andreas"

Money raised to fly couple home

In a GoFundMe set up for the couple, family friend Elly said Andreas will require extensive medical attention and therapy to assist in his recovery.

"Andreas was the victim of an unprovoked one-punch attack, that nearly cost him his life," she claimed. "The financial burden of the path ahead will be huge".

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