Aussie mum's outrage over $63 meal at kids play centre

The woman had ordered only a handful of menu items and was 'not impressed' by the price.

An Aussie mum has vowed to "cook at home from now on" after she was slapped with a whopping bill at a kids' play centre, only having ordered a handful of items.

The Northern Territory mum took to social media to reveal the hefty price she was charged for a pack of nuggets, a chicken parmigiana, chips, a side of gravy, and two small drinks at Adventureland in Darwin, claiming the $63 subtotal was "insanely expensive".

"Is this normal for Adventureland food? $63 for this, was not impressed," the furious mum said on Facebook. "Will probably just be cooking from home from now on and taking it with us, it's getting insanely expensive".

meal and receipt at Adventure Land in Darwin.
An Aussie mum has been left steaming after receiving the bill for a small meal at a children's playground. Source: Facebook.

Outrage from parents over 'shocking' prices'

The post attracted dozens of other parents to comment in response, with many claiming the exorbitant prices are why they choose not to eat at the establishment with their kids.

While businesses are entitled to calculate prices at their own discretion in Australia, many have pointed to the fact that amid the nation's cost of living crisis, sometimes it's easier to simply pack your own snacks.

"I refuse to go there with those prices," one user said. "Yep, normal, we don't eat there for obvious reasons," said another. "Wow! Go to the pub with a playground, hell of a lot cheaper," another said.

"Shocking right, as if the entry fee isn't expensive enough," a user wrote.

Adventure Land in Darwin
Adventure Land is a popular play centre for children in Darwin. Source: Google Images

Though, others pointed out that while the cost of the meal may seem steep to some, prices are advertised, and fees go toward paying staff.

"Adventureland food is expensive, and playground food is expensive because their prices are what pays their staff and rent," a Facebook user wrote.

"I love supporting small businesses but holy moley, there is a line between wanting to and not being able to," another mum said.

Yahoo News Australia has sought comment from Adventureland.

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