Aussie mum's mind-blowing fruit hack: 'WHAT?'

A Queensland mum was blown away by a game-changing hack that she claims made her fruit last for two weeks.

Nurse and mum of two Andie Barber was recently given the tip by her wise grandma, and decided to share it with the "mums of TikTok".

"My nana was recently staying at our house and my daughter loves berries," Ms Barber said. "We buy them from Woolies just in the plastic containers, but they always go off after a couple of days."

A photo of a woman holding a glass jar with strawberries in it. Another photo of a woman showing a preserved strawberry.
A Queensland mum was introduced to a hack by her grandma to help preserve fruit for longer. Source: TikTok

"So my nana said, why don’t you store them in glass jars?"

Perplexed, the woman decided to try for herself and couldn't believe the results.

"I tested it and had some strawberries in this glass jar that my daughter’s eating," she said in the TikTok, showing a glass jar with several strawberries.

She then picks one out and takes a bite, showing how it's remained completely preserved. "Look at this strawberry — it’s perfect!" she laughs in surprise. "It’s been in the fridge for nearly 2 weeks".

"Surely I can’t be the only one who didn’t know this".

Social media users react to fruit hack

More than 20,000 people viewed the video since Sunday, with some commenting on how helpful this tip was and thanking the woman's grandma.

"Ma’am!!!!! what! Wait. Are we putting a lid on it? Is this all berries?," one person asked, to which Mr Barber responded with "yup lid on! And I've tried it with strawberries, blackberries and blueberries!".

"Nana’s are so wise !!" said another.

"Are there any more nana secrets? if yes please nana help and tell," a third person said.

Others commented that they've been already using this tip, with one person saying their fruit has lasted "nearly 3 weeks".

"Should always remove any fruit and veg from the plastic they come in, last way longer," one person recommended.

"Totally! Glass Pyrex dishes with the plastic lids keeps a fruit salad fresh for a full week or more," said another.

"Wow. Also apparently don’t wash them til you use them. They start to turn soon as you do," a third person said.

Strawberry method has been tested online

Several people have claimed to have successfully tested the method of keeping unwashed strawberries in a glass jar, with majority of the strawberries being left mould-free for a few weeks.

Other successful methods include refrigerating them on paper towels in containers while unrinsed, getting rid of the ones that are going bad and continuing to store in the same container, and lastly, soaking them in vinegar, rinsing and storing dry in the fridge.

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