Aussie MP accuses Channel Nine of doctoring image to 'enlarge boobs', reveal stomach

The 'creepy' edit has ignited a media firestorm, with many blasting the network for the subtle but 'weird' change.

An Australian MP has accused Channel 9 of doctoring an image of her to "enlarge" her breasts and slightly edit her outfit "to be made more revealing", igniting a firestorm over the controversial practice.

Animal Justice Party MP for Northern Victoria, Georgie Purcell, blasted the network for what she claimed was dodgy Photoshopping, saying she couldn't "imagine this happening to a male".

The furious MP noted the image of her had been subtly altered to show her bare stomach, though in reality she revealed she has her "whole stomach tattooed". In the original image her dress was full length and her midriff was not exposed.

MP blasts Nine for 'photoshopped' breasts, outfit

Taking to social media on Tuesday, the MP blasted the network for the alteration. "I endured a lot yesterday. But having my body and outfit Photoshopped by a media outlet was not on my bingo card," Purcell wrote, sharing photos of the before and after. "Note the enlarged boobs and outfit to be made more revealing."

Victorian MP Georgia Purcell pictured right in a white dress (right), while left she appears in a 9 News promotional graphic in an altered image exposing her stomach.
Victorian MP Georgia Purcell revealed the before image, right, which differed vastly from the image, left, altered by 9 News. Source: X

Nine News director forced to issue apology

The complaint quickly spread across social platforms, attracting gob-smacked derision and condemnation from many, including others in the media.

"Creepy and impossible to defend," Karen Barlow, chief political correspondent at the Canberra Times, wrote. "Can't think of a single defendable explanation for this weirdness," Crikey News editor Gina Rushton chimed.

Nonetheless, Director of 9News Melbourne, Hugh Nailon, did try to explain the controversial image on Tuesday morning appearing to blame an artificial intelligence tool used during the creation process for the graphic.

"I would like to sincerely apologise to Georgie Purcell for a graphic error that occurred in last night's bulletin," he said in a statement.

"Our graphics department sourced an online image of Georgie to use in our story on duck hunting. As is common practice, the image was resized to fit our specs. During that process, the automation by Photoshop created an image that was not consistent with the original.

"This did not meet the high editorial standards we have and for that we apologise to Ms Purcell unreservedly," he said.

Georgie Purcell smiles for a selfie in the Victorian Parliament.
Nine were quick to apologise over the doctored image. Source: Facebook

Purcell made headlines for voicing her opposition to the state's upcoming duck hunting season, which the Victorian government confirmed this week will go ahead, despite a long-standing push to end the practice.

"It is simply shameful," Purcell said. "Duck shooters are less than one per cent of the Victorian population and half of those are active. This is a terrible decision to appease a dwindling minority."

It was this topic that saw Purcell feature in a package that ran in 9News's Melbourne bulletin which featured the offending image. Purcell has represented Northern Victoria since November 2022.

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