Liberal MP Alex Hawke mocked over Photoshop fail: 'Worst we’ve ever seen'

The Photoshop attempt had 'real school captain energy,' a columnist said.

Scott Morrison’s former right-hand man Alex Hawke has become the butt of numerous jokes after being called out for his epic “Photoshop fail”.

The former immigration minister — who is fighting to keep his seat as the Liberal candidate for Mitchell in Sydney’s northwest Hills district — appears to have rushed the creation of his pre-selection booklet amid the madness of campaigning.

The image of Alex Hawke Photoshopped in the background behind his wife and four sons. Right is the original image.
Alex Hawke appears to have rushed the creation of his pre-selection, with Aussies now mocking the Photoshop fail. Source: SMH/Facebook

The image on the front is what has captured people the most, showing the MP awkwardly photoshopped into a photo of his family. It didn’t take long for social media users to discover the original image of his wife Amelia Hawke and their four sons on his official Facebook page — without his face hovering behind them.

Kishor Napier-Raman, a CBD columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) that Hawke was trying to save his job “with one of the worst Photoshops we’ve ever seen”.

“Real school captain energy,” he continued.

Aussie mock Alex Hawke's Photoshopped pic

The image has since been posted across numerous sites, including Reddit, on which one user commented “[you] gotta be pretty special to need to Photoshop yourself into your own family”.

“Where are his shoulders?” another person pondered, as others pointed out that paying for a professional could have saved him the hassle and humiliation.

“They’d have had a graphic designer on hand that could have done this in a few minutes in a way that's practically undetectable,” they said, calling Hawke a “tight ass”. “Sure, a great one would charge about $100/hr at freelance rate, but quality costs.”

Someone else pointed out the MP was wearing a suit in the Photoshopped image while his family is more casually dressed.

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