Aussie McDonald's customer shocked by tiny burger: 'What the hell?'

A Sydney man has joined a chorus of Aussies who suspect McDonald's burgers are shrinking.

McDonald's has responded after an Aussie customer raised a commonly asked question among fans of the fast-food chain: Are its burgers shrinking?

On a visit to the Green Square Macca's branch in Sydney, the man expressed his shock at the size of the burger he'd picked up. "First time buying a Filet-O-Fish in a long time. What the HELL?" he posted online.

The diner admitted he couldn't prove the burger was smaller than those he'd bought in the past, but suspected something fishy was going on when he saw how small it was compared to his hand.

Man holding McDonald's Filet-O-Fish burger
The McDonald's customer didn't remember the Filet-O-Fish being such a small burger. Source: Reddit

Fellow customers agreed burgers had been decreasing in size at McDonald's for some time, making them a less desirable option as the cost of living increases. "I'm done with McDonald's. They shrank their food so much and upped the price. Totally done with them," responded one former Macca's fan.

"That looks smaller than a slider. Is this from the kid's menu? Crazy," commented another.

Others joked that the only way the Filet-O-Fish hasn't shrunk in size is if the customer has giant hands, while some agreed that the burger appears to have been reduced to the size of a slider.

McDonald's addresses shrinkage claims

In a statement provided to Yahoo News, McDonald's has assured customers burger sizes haven't changed across any Australian stores.

"We have checked with our Quality Assurance team and no changes have been made to the Filet-o-Fish recently," a spokesperson confirmed.

McDonald's burgers
In 2022, a NSW McDonald's customer claimed that the Filet-O-Fish had become a "mini" burger. Source: Facebook


It’s not the first time the size of McDonald's burgers have been scrutinised.

A NSW resident prompted a discussion on whether burgers had decreased in size last year after sharing a photo of a Filet-O-Fish between a McChicken burger and a Deluxe Quarter Pounder.

"Have McDonald's Filet-O-Fish always [been] this small? I don't remember it being mini, or kid-sized like this?!" asked the customer on Facebook.

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