Aussie homeowner's horror after strange discovery on balcony

The Sydney resident questioned what was hanging from her palm tree – and she was not pleased with the answer.

A Sydney homeowner was shocked to learn what was inside the peculiar find on her balcony after noticing the unusual object hanging from her palm tree.

Curious, and desperate to know what had made itself at home in her backyard, the Northern Beaches woman took to social media for answers — but she did not like what she found out.

"Anyone have an idea what’s growing off our palm?" she posted alongside an image of her palm tree. The photo shows three unusual pods hanging from the giant leaf.

Magnificent spider egg pods hanging from palm tree on Sydney balcony.
A Sydney homeowner discovered these unusual pods hanging from a palm tree on her balcony. Source: Facebook

Unusual object identified as sushi spider egg sacs

The pods were quickly identified as spider egg sacs belonging to the Magnificent Spider, scientifically known as Ordgarius magnificus. In the past, these incredible spiders have also been dubbed the 'sushi' or 'marshmallow' spider because of their distinctive and colourful markings.

Thankfully, magnificent spiders — part of the Bolas spider group — are not dangerous to humans, Simon Hinkley, Museums Victoria Research Institute's Collection Manager of Terrestrial Invertebrates, previously confirmed to Yahoo News Australia. Although a single egg sac can contain 600 spider eggs.

"Oh man, I bloody hate spiders," the Sydney woman said in response to the guesses on her post. "I don't do spiders," she added — and she wasn't the only one.

Magnificent spider sitting on green leaf.
Magnificent spiders have very distinctive markings. Source: Australian Museum

"I would be donating that palm to someone else," one joked. "I think a flamethrower is needed," said another. But some did not agree.

"If you’re going to chop it off (which I understand as it’s in your living space) please put it somewhere safe, shove the cut stem in the ground under some trees. A [female] went to a lot of work to create those", one person said.

Magnificent spiders have very distinctive markings

The pods are created by the female spider which is very distinctive in its markings, according to the Australian Museum.

"It is white with two bright yellow knobs on its abdomen, and a number of salmon-coloured spots and blotches as well," the website says.

Magnificent spiders like to dwell in native trees in dry or wet Australian forests — but have been known to pop up in suburban gardens. Their characteristic spindle-shaped egg sacs are usually always hanging nearby.

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