'I thought it was a piece of sushi': Man's bizarre eight-legged find

A Sydney man’s eight-legged discovery has baffled social media users after he went searching for answers over its true identity.

William Williamson took to a community Sutherland Shire Facebook group to share a photo of a peculiar-looking white spider he’d found at home.

And fellow members were equally stumped over the spider’s bizarre appearance.

“Is this what Easter bunny or dog spat out? Yuk..” one person wrote.

“Looks like it ate a marshmallow,” another said.

One person said the spider looks like a piece of sushi. Source: Facebook/ William Williamson

“At first glance I thought this was a piece of sushi,” one user added.

Others were far more concerned by the find.

“Time to burn the house down,” one person said.

Sydney University entomologist Dr Tanya Latty told Yahoo News Australia the discovery is the Ordgarius magnificus spider, which is more commonly known as the Magnificent Spider.

“An awesome name for an awesome spider,” she said of the arachnid which is found in NSW and Queensland.

She said the species differs from most spiders by not creating a web. Instead it uses a glob of glue at the end of a long silken thread to catch insects. It is not dangerous to humans.

“They are amazing animals and are superstars in the garden where they can help keep the pest population under control,” she added.

According to the Australian Museum, the spiders are garden dwellers and can grow up to 2.5cm in length.

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