Aussie Emirates co-pilot 'narrowly escaped' fireball plane after helping 300 onboard to safety

Pictures have surfaced of the courageous Aussie co-pilot who helped passengers to safety from the flaming Emirates plane which crash-landed at Dubai airport on Wednesday.

First Officer Jeremy Webb reportedly "narrowly escaped" the Boeing 777 which smashed into the runway at Dubai International Airport before exploding into a giant fireball.

Aussie Emirates co-pilot Jeremy Webb was the First Officer on Flight EK521 who helped 300 onboard to safety after the jet crash-landed at Dubai Airport before bursting into flames.
He reportedly 'narrowly escaped' after running for his life once all onboard were evacuated safely. Picture: Facebook

Flight EK521 was flying out of India and coming in to land in the United Arab Emirates when the pilot tried to abort the landing.

He helped the 300 onboard to safely evacuate the plane, including 14 who were taken to hospital who suffered minor injuries, before reportedly "running for his life" along with his crew.

Everyone on board was "safely evacuated", following the "operational incident upon landing".

Thick, black plumes of smoke are seen billowing out of the aircraft. Photo: Twitter
An Emirates plane, with 300 people on board, crash-landed at Dubai Airport after the pilot tried to abort the landing on Wednesday.

Two Australians were among the passengers onboard the Emirates flight, who escaped unscathed from the burning aircraft.

His friends and relatives shared of their relief and said they felt "very blessed" Mr Webb was able to help those involved in the terrifying crash, as they reported that all “got off fine”.

Despite the successful evacuation, the blaze claimed the life of hero firefighter Jasim Issa Mohammed Hassan, 27, who died trying to put out the flames.

His father Issa paid a heartwarming tribute to the brave young man during his funeral on Friday.

"My eldest son died as a hero while saving the lives of the plane passengers," he said.

"He is a martyr, and he will be missed greatly."

Firefighter Jasim Issa Mohammed Hassan died while battling the Emirates plane blaze. Photo: Twitter

Jasim’s younger brother Harib wept during the service, The National reported.

“He was a role model and a hero – he loved his country and loved his work,” she said.