Aussie dad dies removing eastern brown snake from childcare centre

Jerromy Brookes from Townsville was reportedly called to the preschool to remove the reptile, despite not being an accredited snake catcher.

An Aussie father who died after being bitten multiple times by an eastern brown snake while he attempted to remove it from a busy childcare centre has been named as Townsville man Jerromy Brookes.

Brookes, from Deeragun, was attempting to remove the snake — one of the most venomous creatures on the planet — from a childcare centre in Townsville, Queensland, when he was bitten multiple times on the hand and arms.

It's understood Brookes was called to the centre by a relative specifically to remove the animal when he was bitten, despite him not being a qualified snake catcher, The Courier Mail reported.

Queensland father Jerromy Brookes pictured with his wife Narelle.
Queensland father Jerromy Brookes has died after a suspected eastern brown snake bite. Source: Facebook via Daily Mail.

Queensland man 'took snake home in a bag'

Although he was successful in removing the snake from the preschool, having driven all the way home with the snake in a bag, later that afternoon he fell ill and his wife called for help at 3.30pm. When paramedics arrived, Brookes was in cardiac arrest.

Queensland Ambulance Service Acting District Director Paula Marten said Brookes’ wife wrapped and immobilised his arm when he got home. She began performing CPR on Brookes until emergency responders arrived, when they took over.

An eastern brown snakes coiled up.
Eastern brown snakes are among the most deadly creatures on earth. Source: Getty.

He was rushed to hospital but despite the efforts of medics was pronounced dead shortly after.

"Patient resuscitation measures were commenced by our crew and (he was) transported but unfortunately they were unsuccessful," Marten said, adding that snake bites in North Queensland were rarely fatal.

"When you’re bitten by a snake and you’re not aware of snakes, treat them as if they are venomous. It’s really important that you stay calm and keep the person calm."

'Do not handle snakes', experts say

Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, Brandon ‘Giffo’ Gifford, from Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, earlier warned Aussies against handling snakes.

"People do go into panic-mode and go to approach it but our advice is simple – leave it alone," Gifford told Yahoo. "You can watch them from a distance, we will find it. Sometimes, they move from room to room, they get in the house to escape the heat and don’t know how to get back out.

"We urge people not to approach them because if that goes wrong, someone could end up in hospital fighting for their life and come very close to dying from a bite. It can go from zero to 100 very quickly."

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