Aussie couple find monkey 'intruder' in their Bali hotel bed

An Australian couple holidaying in Bali had the shock of their lives when a brazen 'intruder' crept into their room and surprised them in their bed.

Terry Mills took to Facebook to share what happened in his hotel room in Ubud – and his story had hundreds in stitches.

He explained he was resting in his room with his wife, scrolling through his phone while snacking on some chips.

“I felt a tug at the chip packet and thought it was Ros. I turned to be looking into the face of a large monkey with an accomplice close behind,” Mr Mills wrote.

“The pair had pushed the door open and entered our room with the stealth of ninjas obviously drawn by the scent of my tempe chips.”

A monkey lies in a hotel bed in Bali
The 'intruder' made himself at home and refused to leave – even helping himself to the couple's snacks. Source: Facebook/Terry Mills

As his wife ran to the bathroom and locked the door, Mr Mills “tussled” with the monkey over the chips, which ripped the packet and spilled the contents all over the bed.

He then found a long stick on the verandah and attempted to shoo the monkeys away, without success.

“The monkeys were totally unwilling to leave and dismissive of my stick wielding threats,” he wrote in the hilarious post.

“They settled in. They ate chips off the bed, checked the fridge for other treats and inspected side tables.”

Finally, after a call to the host, help arrived and the monkeys were ushered outside – though Mr Mills said they were “loitering” and waiting for another opportunity to strike.

“There were no more chips and the door was now locked so they finally moved,” he concluded.

Tourists walk by monkeys at Ubud Monkey Forest in Bali
The primates are a popular sight in Bali, particularly in the Ubud Monkey Forest. Source: Getty

Viewers amazed by brazen monkey

Mr Mills' story was a hit in popular Facebook group Bali Bogans, where it generated more than 7000 likes and 2400 comments.

“Love how he just let you snap a pic in the midst of the chaos,” one woman wrote, with Mr Mills saying: “He acted though it was his room, therefore his bed.”

“Omg this is the best story ever…I’m sorry this has happened but this is one of those stories you will be telling your friends forever and a day,” another said.

“I get the feel by this picture it was Terry invading monkey’s room,” someone else quipped.

Despite the unexpected visitors, Mr Mills said he would happily stay at the same hotel again.

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