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Aussie café slammed over 'dodgy' detail in Facebook job listing

The job ad was shared on social media where it sparked a debate.

A coffee shop's ad listing for a full-time barista has received immense backlash after stating they're only looking to hire a female to join the team, meaning males can not apply.

The Facebook listing posted by Freepour Espresso, a cafe in Marrickville Sydney, also requests that applicants provide a "recent photo" when applying for the position, leading many to call out the venue for discriminating.

"Hiring a female full-time barista/all rounder to join our team," reads the ad on social media. "If you feel this position is suitable, please send: 1. Your resume 2. Available time 3. Recent photo 4. Photo of your latte art".

Marrickville cafe Facebook job ad.
The Marrickville cafe was asking for a female to join the team. Source: Reddit

According to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, it is "unlawful to advertise positions specifically for women or men, or to discriminate on the basis of sex (Sex Discrimination Act 1984 (Cth))" in Australia.

"Gender-coded language in job advertisements may not only deter individual women from applying for certain jobs, it can also reinforce wider social beliefs about who ‘belongs’ in those jobs and who does not," the agency's website reads.

Debate erupts on social media

A screenshot of the post was shared on Reddit this week where it was met with claims of "gender bias". And while some agreed it was "very unprofessional" few argued it helps weed out unsuitable candidates.

"Yeeeeeah super dodge. Probably illegal," one person said in the comments. "But why delay the inevitable looks-judging-panel? You know all employees are judged for their appearance at the interview," shared another.

"The best way to fix this is to buy your coffee from somewhere that makes good coffee. Regardless of what they look like," a third argued.

While some said it's "pretty normal for ads to look like this in Asia". "Lots of countries expect photos with resumes," one person explained. "Probably someone not on top of local laws and expectations. Might be time for a bit of education via a fairwork report".

Yahoo News Australia contacted Freepour Espresso for comment.

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