Audio captures moment graffiti vandal is dragged along road by luxury car

Confronting audio has been released of a graffiti artist screaming as he was dragged along a Yarraville street with his arm caught in the window of a luxury car.

The driver, Marcus Bartlett, claims the man was trying to jump into his Jaguar after illegally painting the wall of a nearby tennis club.

Graffiti artist Mik Shida is dragged along the ground by the car. Source: 7 News

Bartlett has spoken to 7 News, determined to set the record straight on the incident.

In the audio recording Bartlett can be heard saying, "Get out of my car, you're trying to steal my phone and wallet," while the graffiti vandal, Mik Shida, shouts: "Stop following me! Let go! Stop! Let go!"

"The whole thing was over in 30 seconds, it was just surreal," Bartlett said.

Michael Bartlett described the entire incident as

Bartlett says he first caught Shida defacing the wall of a local tennis club on Sunday afternoon.

He followed the vandal and called triple-0 before Shida approached his car at a red light.

Bartlett followed Shida after he had painted an illegal mural. Source: 7 News

"Unfortunately for him the tables turned once I started moving and driving off and suddenly from being the aggressor he became the victim and his whole attitude seemed to change," Bartlett says.

Bartlett claims Shida tried to steal his phone as he jumped through the window.

The graffiti artist can be heard saying "I don't have your phone", before yelling: "Look, you're going to kill me. Please stop. Please stop!"

While the artist concedes his painting was illegal he says he quickly feared for his life.

Shida said he feared for his life as he was dragged along the road. Source: 7 News

Shida says the audio is a "good representation" of the situation.

"I'm really glad that it came out," he says.

Shida suffered a concussion and was taken to hospital with cuts and bruises.

Police will now use the audio as evidence and have spoken to several witnesses as their investigation into the incident continues.

They are urging anyone with information to come forward and have not ruled out laying charges.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page.