'Not the brightest thing': Petrol station owners' message to suspected fuel thieves

A BP service station has shamed motorists accused of stealing fuel with the theft putting a strain on the small business.

The petrol station in the Auckland suburb of Northcote took to social media on Thursday to share pictures of motorists accused of stealing fuel.

“We understand times are tough, but to actively go around stealing is not the brightest thing to do,” the BP 2Go Motor Centre wrote on its Facebook page.

A BP service station in Auckland has shamed motorists accused of stealing petrol. Source: BP 2go Motor Centre, Northcote / Facebook

”There are better solutions and rather than create police files/records for yourselves and a red flag on your cars.”

One woman slammed the thieves for targeting small business owners.

“Pretty sure the poor petrol attendant pays for this fuel out of their pay. True scum taking away from those who are trying to earn a living,” she commented.

Another agreed: “Scum bags hope someone knows who they are.”

Security camera footage shows motorists filling up their vehicles. Source: BP 2go Motor Centre, Northcote / Facebook

But one motorist argued those pictured may not be thieves at all, saying she said herself been incorrectly flagged as a petrol thief when she claims a machine incorrectly charged her twice.

“The machine at a Z station incorrectly charged my card and now everytime (sic) I go to a Z my rego shows on the screen because it thinks I ran off without paying for my full amount of fuel even though I have explained this to staff.

“Not always so straightforward,” she suggested.

Others argued the licence plates may not be authentic or were likely stolen, so it might be difficult to determine the drivers’ identities.

The BP servo owners urged anyone who might recognise those pictured to either let them or the police know.

A recent spate of drive offs at the BP servo is putting a strain on the small business. Source: BP 2go Motor Centre, Northcote / Facebook

“I would love for something to be done, but unfortunately the need to steal is embedded in people’s DNA, and if they want to steal they will,” owners of BP 2go Motor Centre told Yahoo News.

A New Zealand Police spokesperson said officers were are not aware of any significant increase or spike in these types of offences being reported in recent times in the Auckland area.

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