'Find somewhere else': Driver's fury over 'really selfish' parking job

A driver has been criticised over their parking job in Sydney’s inner west.

A woman posted a photo of her car to Facebook with another parked incredibly close in front of it in Marrickville.

In the image, the offending Hyundai’s tow bar appears to be touching the grille of the woman’s car with the bumpers almost making contact.

“I’m not precious about my car but can I suggest that if you can’t fit your car into a spot without literally leaving it touching another car perhaps find a minute to find somewhere else to park?” she wrote.

The woman asked the person who owned the other car to get in touch.

People on Facebook criticised the person responsible for the park.

A car parked extremely close to another car in Marrickville.
A driver has been shamed for parking too close to another car in Sydney's suburb of Marrickville. Source: Facebook

“Ouch. Someone’s asking for trouble parking like that,” one woman wrote.

“That’s really selfish,” another woman said.

Others questioned whether it was within the woman’s best interests to speak with whoever parked their car so close.

“I’d be a bit apprehensive to have a quick word in this situation to be honest,” one man wrote.

“I don’t know what you’d achieve.”

One woman wrote she would “wait all day” to speak with the driver.

A photo of the bumpers of two cars almost touching, with the tow bar of one vehicle hitting the grille of the other. A Sydney driver shared her frustration over the stranger's parking job.
The front car's tow bar can be seen touching the car behind it. Source: Facebook

Others suggested she should leave it to the police.

According to the NSW Road and Maritime Services, vehicles have to be at least a metre apart from each other when parallel parking.

The woman later added she was able to get her car out because the man parked behind her moved his car.

No marks were left on her car either.

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