NSW dentist hypnotised and abused young patients

A retired elderly dentist who hypnotised then abused young patients will likely die in jail.

Former NSW dentist Werner Otto Schwarz, 82, has been sentenced to 16 years behind bars decades after complaints from his victims.

Schwarz told police he “used to do” massages up “the whole leg, the back, the shoulders, the neck (and) the arms” claiming it was for pain relief.

He had been considered a champion of the regional NSW community of Armidale.

Four young boys came forward in the 1980s outlying the abuse, but no one believed them.

Retired dentist Otto Schwarz has been jailed after hypnotising and abusing patients. Source: 7 News

Victim Phil Wright said the reaction from the community against the victims and their families had been “grossly unfair”.

But a jury has listened to the allegations 36 years later after being compelled by evidence.

Judge Helen Syme said Schwarz’s victims “retained ghostly memories of peripheral details such as his breath odour”.

Victim Phil Wright said the community chastised people who made claims against the dentist. Source: 7 News

“Complainants and other witnesses ought to be commended for their courage,” she told the court.

Because the offences were committed in the early 1980's the judge had to sentence the 82-year-old under the legislation at the time.

Schwarz will serve a minimum of eight years.

Schwarz will likely die in jail given his sentence and age. Source: 7 News