Simple iPhone hack demo video goes viral

Mel Buttigieg

iPhone users worldwide were sent in a spin after a video shared on Twitter went viral demonstrating a game-changing hack.

Stockholm student Jazz Johnson revealed a handy backspace function on the Apple calculator app, allowing users to swipe backwards to erase an incorrectly typed numeral, instead of starting over.

Jazz stumbled across the discovery on an old Reddit thread, then filmed herself demonstrating the little-known but time-saving function, then shared it to Twitter on Wednesday, The Sun reported.

Stockholm student Jazz Johnson revealed a handy backspace function on the iPhone calculator app that sent the world into a spin. Picture: Twitter/censoredialogue

"PSA: you can backspace on the iPhone calculator," she wrote.

The collective minds of Apple mobile phone users were blown after realising the basic feature could have saved them a lot of time retyping equations.

Twitter users were stunned about the simple revelation.

“After all those times I had to clear the entire thing,” one user wrote.

While the iPhone function is hidden, the Samsung Galaxy's calculator app has carried a clearly visible backspace key for years. Picture: 7 News Online

“Im staring at my phone wondering what else I dont know bout this b***h,” tweeted another.

A third social media user wrote: “Why don't my college classes teach me this. Smh”

Samsung users are having the last laugh, with the Galaxy's backspace key having been clearly visible on the Android’s calculator app for years.