Anti-vaxxer dies after posting harrowing Facebook live video

A man who refused a Covid vaccination has died after posting a harrowing live video to Facebook of himself being intubated.

Mike Jonesbatch from Colorado posted an update before he passed away, admitting the deadly virus was about to kill him and people need to get vaccinated.

"This is what covid is doing! " he wrote, alongside a 28-minute long video of himself struggling to breathe in the hospital.

"Killing people."

Screenshots from a Facebook live video showing Mike Jonesbatch in a full face oxygen mask in hospital.
Mr Jonesbatch posted live videos to Facebook showing the severity of the virus before he died. Source: Facebook

'It's killing me'

In a Facebook post on September 11, Mr Jonesbatch said he can't breathe for more than "three seconds".

"Y’all better go get vaccinated," he wrote in a Facebook post. "You know I was all against that s**t but this s**t is bout to kill ya boy.

"I got blood clots in my lungs and heart. I can’t breathe by myself for longer than three seconds and I run out of breath and pass out.

Mike Jonesbatch admitted he was 'against' the Covid vaccine before he tested positive. Source: Facebook
Mike Jonesbatch admitted he was 'against' the Covid vaccine before he tested positive. Source: Facebook

"They got me on this damn machines 24/7, can’t eat cause I can’t get off the machines can’t sleep can’t get comfortable can’t do s**t but lay here and die.

"Just a matter of time y’all before everything just goes and shuts down," he wrote.

Condition deteriorated within days

Mr Jonesbatch posted a second live video just days later after his condition deteriorated, where a nurse can be heard telling him they have to put him on a ventilator as his lungs were shutting down.

"I'm shutting down, I'm dying," the man says breathlessly at the beginning of the video.

In the video, which ran for half an hour, Mr Jonesbatch struggles to breathe as a nurse comes in to talk him through the procedure.

"I just saw your mum, we're going to bring in an iPad so you can talk to her. She's here with your daughter too," the nurse says, as he replied, struggling to say "okay."

His mum can be heard crying on the video, urging him to listen to the health professionals.

"Your lungs are shutting down, the machine needs to do the work for you," the nurse explains as he tried to fight against it, saying "it's gonna kill me".

"Just do it, I'll be there tomorrow," his mother can be heard saying. "Just do it, otherwise you're not going to make the next half an hour."

"I love you," she continues, as he gasps for air trying to say it back.

The video was Mr Jonesbatch's last post on social media.

His aunt confirmed he had passed away in a Facebook post on October 4. It's unknown if Mr Jonesbatch woke up again before he died.

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