Angry wife smashes 'too small' brand-new Audi in China

A Chinese woman smashed up her brand-new car because she thought it was "too small" for family use.

The angry lady was filmed smashing windows and bashing into the brand new Audi, which according to the post on LiveLeak, was a gift from her husband.

Incredulous pedestrians watched on as the woman went to town on the sports 4WD, which appears to be an Audi Q7.

Brand new, a Q7 sells for more than $100,000 while the Chinese average yearly income is only a little more than $10,500.

Whether or not the story behind the car bashing is true, the woman did more damage in seconds than most of her fellow citizens could hope to pay for in a lifetime.

People love smashing up cars, especially when they aren't theirs.

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News break - September 21

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