'I was here first': Woman's cheeky tactic to save car park space divides opinion

Dash cam footage has captured an angry stand-off in a carpark after a woman ran to "save" a spot for her family as another couple tried to park in the same spot.

In the footage, posted by Nicholas Chew to YouTube on Saturday, a woman in the US can be seen running to stand in a parking spot just seconds before a car tries to pull in.

Waving her arms, she can be heard mouthing the words "I was here first" to the couple in the car.

"Are you SERIOUS?" the woman in the car exclaims.

"You're not even IN a car, woman!" the man then shouts.

The woman reserving the spot for someone else stands her ground, waving her arms to indicate there are other spots the drivers could try.

The woman points out other available spaces. Source: YouTube
The woman points out other available spaces. Source: YouTube

But the couple in the car aren't having any of it.

"I'm gonna stand here, I got time," the clearly annoyed male can be heard saying.

Then another, older woman walks into the dash cam frame and starts "shooing" the car away, gesturing for it to move back, while both give the car passenger some pretty impressive death stares.

Since the video was posted it has been viewed more than 50,000 times, sparking outrage and fierce debate.

Another woman arrives and starts
Another woman arrives and starts

When it was posted to Reddit on Monday, the debate intensified. Is it ever ok to "camp out" in a parking space?

"Don't watch the end of this video, your anger levels will increase dramatically!," one person writes.

“I would have outwaited those women until one of us dies of starvation,” another says.

"Just play the same game they are playing," one Reddit user suggests.

"Let out the passenger to stand in the spot with them. Driver goes and parks then joins the passenger. That game works both ways."